The Last Semester Isn’t the Scariest Part of a Senior’s Life…

Guess what is?


Jezon LeBaron

Stevens students celebrate at the Homecoming game.

one hundred and fourteen days until graduation. One hundred and fourteen days until freedom, adulthood, the greatest time of a young person’s life…or is it?

Students at Stevens are among that group getting ready to leave the hallowed halls of high school and venture out into the great wide world. As such, they have varying opinions on what the future holds.

A majority of those Stevens seniors answered with a similar answer, they are scared about what’s going to happen after this last semester and not what’s currently happening. Digging further, students were asked to explain their opinion on the matter, which provided a host of different, but similar answers all leading down to the same answer.

“All of my life I had to go to school so that I can be prepared for life, but now that I’m about to be an adult I don’t know what I’ve learned. I feel like school has taught me anything that I need to learn, for example I don’t know how to pay taxes or what interest me. Yet I still come to school day to day trying to find those answers, but I have a feeling that those answers won’t be answered at school.” said one anonymous senior.

And after twelve years in school students expect to leave school knowing things; things that could include making payments or loans or learning about ourselves. These are things that we thought would be taught to us, things that we WILL use when we leave school. But the sad reality is that some students will leave school never knowing those answers and must ask for outside help.

Yet, while some are concerned for their future, others are planning on living it up for the next fifteen weeks, “I’m making sure that I end the year with a bang, not trying to give up at the end of the race, you know?” Said another anonymous Stevens senior.

This student represents many, feeling like they got what they needed out of high school, and whatever question they had after they would ask their parents for advice about it.

But they also pointed out that just because it’s the last semester, it isn’t the end of the school year. They still have three to four months of school to complete and not slack on to make the “final product” as best as possible.

Wherever these seniors stood on the question of how they feel going into the last semester of high school, the outcome is the same either way.