Holiday Hype

Holiday breaks are a welcome break for staff and students at Stevens. Whether it is a week at Thanksgiving, two weeks in the winter or a week for spring break, everyone has their reasons for enjoying the time off.

English teacher Mr. Bradley says he is excited for a break to unplug for a while and spend time with some great company. He believes it is nice to connect with family people may not have seen in a while. For Bradley, an added bonus is the ability to sleep in.

Security guard Rich Holt said, “I’m really excited to spend time with family and seeing my grandson and my children”. While the weather in South Dakota keeps us on our toes regardless of the holiday, Holt doesn’t worry too much about it because he knows it will change in a few weeks.

Black Friday shopping makes Thanksgiving break a good time for Senior Lauren Dooley, while other students enjoy the time to get away from the Hills. Yet many head to Terry Peak to enjoy the elements.

Regardless of your favorite holiday break, or reason for having it, everyone agrees that the time off is needed.