Are Finals Final?

With the stress of finals week behind everyone it seems the finality of it isn’t something everyone experiences. Perhaps it is the addition of the SBAC testing, the Pre-ACT, ACT or NCRC during the year that make students less stressed about finals. Whatever it is, students in every grade level react differently to finals.

Junior year seems to be the hardest for Stevens students as they push for high GPA’s and good grades knowing they will soon be applying for post-secondary opportunities.

Madinko Hawley says he studied hard to pass his finals which made it less stressful on him and made him more prepared. Likewise, Jenna Morrow stayed up late studying every night knowing she had final after final. She also felt as if after all her studying she knew nothing and was stressed about how much of an impact it would have on her grade. The good news is, all her hard work paid off and she passed all her finals.

Seniors, who seem to be a little more relaxed about their grades and finals mostly had fewer tests to worry about. Leia Motiff only had two finals and one was a group project, so for her, it was easy and non-stressful. The best part was she had very little school all week.

Many finals or few, it is clear that the grade you are in and the grade you want, can impact the finality of finals.