Biggest Fears After High School

Senior year is an exciting, but stressful year. deciding between college, military, working or just taking a gap year, students are coming to grips that the enjoyment of being a “kid” is about to come to an end. While some seniors don’t know what to do yet, a lot of seniors leaving are worried about many things that come along with it.

Xander Kohut is worried about the many unknowns of college. Picking a roommate, what to pack, how will classes go, and making new friends all weigh on students minds. On the other hand, Jefferey Ryan said he is excited to pursue his career in culinary arts.

Blossom Stallings says she fears trying to survive in the world on her own away from her family and making new friends. This seems to be a common worry amongst many seniors. Brooklyn Thompson plans to stay in Rapid for college, but she fears losing all her high school friends who either move away or just lose touch.

There are endless worries about after senior year and the many unknowns but after high school is when you start the rest of your life and take on more responsibility and mature.